HAI Risks From the Air

No one has the desire to go the hospital, clearly.  But when unfortunate situations occur in life, it is the standard measure of the ideal place to go to get back to your old self, and at the very least, feel a little better than you did before.  However, the sad truth is that per the National Institutes for Health, 1 in 10 of you who make a hospital stay will inflicted with a nosocomial infection.  Nosocomial infections are hospital acquired infections acquired in hospital or healthcare service facility that initially appear 48 hours or more after hospital admission or within 30 days after discharge following in patient care.  Most individuals have compromised immune systems that are needing to be in treatment, and lax concern for safety protocols only compounds the risks for not only the patients, but their visitors, and their healthcare providers.  It is not uncommon to see hand sanitizer in healthcare facilities, but what is taking care of the air we breathe?  Only so much harmful bacteria are transmitted through touch, but many disease inflicting microorganisms may be present in the air as small particles, aerosols, or dust and remain infective over long periods of time and over great distance traveled.  These are not just simple germs some think is fine to expose oneself to “toughen up” and cause a little work for your immune system so that it can strengthen itself for the future.  No, the NIH agrees, dangers such as pulmonary or laryngeal tuberculosis, the chickenpox virus, shingles, rubella virus and measles are just a few power players that we need to guard against that are commonly airborne.  Healthcare facilities are ignoring this need to address the safety of the air we breathe.  Therefore, we at ClorDiSys were inspired to innovate and re-imagine every patient room offering our new TORCH-Aire Disinfection Tower.  Simply plug in and the Torch-Aire uses its two shielded ultraviolet bulbs to continuously disinfect a roomful of hazardous organisms, all while patients are comfortably and safely present.  The Torch-Aire produces an efficient UV-C output that is calculated to remove 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.  There are many strides our healthcare system needs to undertake, but the health of patients in the first and foremost issue needing to be addressed.  The Torch-Aire is a simple and incredibly effective means in setting forth a strong foundation in reducing hospital acquired infections.

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