Medical and Dental Offices

Ultraviolet light provides a feasible method of disinfection to doctor and dental offices due to its efficiency and efficacy.  Give patients, and staff piece of mind in returning to medical facilities during and after the coronavirus pandemic by having powerful disinfection throughout the day.

Dental Office UV-C Solutions

Medical Office UV-C Solutions

Sick patients come in contact with many items and surfaces within a doctor’s office, posing risk to other patients, staff, and healthcare providers.  Surfaces include top of mind locations such as handrails and pens, but also medical tools.  Stethoscopes are used on most if not all patients, meaning that if not properly disinfected, disease can potentially spread rapidly. This is especially true since some patient’s immune systems are already compromised when visiting the office.  Additional studies have determined ballpoint pens, patient charts, tablet computers, computer keyboards and computer mice can also be contaminated with infectious agents.  These items are rarely cleaned and can easily transfer infectious agents to patients and staff due to their frequent use and tendency to be shared within the office environment.

In pediatric offices, there is also a concern regarding the toys kept in the waiting area, as contamination of toys by f pathogens has been well documented in hospitals, physician’s offices, and day care centers.  Without proper and regular disinfection, there are plenty of opportunities for spread of illness within a doctor’s office.

Studies determined that the most common Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) may survive and persist on surfaces for months and can become be a continuous source of transmission if not properly treated.  These are often dangerous diseases and are of significant concern due to the high presence and rate of death.

With sick patients prone to coughing, sneezing, and vomiting, the aerosolization of germs and disease are another area of concern for transmission between patients and to staff.  Airborne transmission can land on surfaces besides the common touch points and travel greater distances, proving the need for an entire facility to be disinfected properly.

Ultraviolet light disinfection provides a way for small items, as well as full rooms to be fully disinfected in the matter of minutes.    

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