Flash Tunnel

The Flash Tunnel UV-C Disinfection Chamber is a simple disinfection pass-through system designed for use in any setting, but particularly caters to the needs of those in, pharmaceutical, laboratory, research settings, or food production. Flash Tunnel provides a swift and highly effective method to disinfect equipment, animal feed bags, supplies, packaging, moisture sensitive electronics, instruments, and components to reduce the transfer of organisms.  The Flash Tunnel offers a conveyor design to enable a way to disinfect components from a typical environment into a barrier facility without any risk of cross-contamination.   Items enter the Flash Tunnel, ride the conveyor that controls the proper exposure time to ensure complete disinfection, and then the items are ready to be collected in a clean environment on the opposite end.

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The Flash Tunnel is a conveyor disinfection system that is designed to expose items to UV-C light in a quick and efficient manner from one location to another.  The Flash Tunnel will be customized to ensure your specific item(s) have the proper UV-C exposure according to your requirements of time, size, and desired dosage level.

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  • The Flash Tunnel can be of belt, roller, or chain style to accommodate the specific product and exposure level.
  • Bulbs have a 13,000 hour lifespan.
  • Speed and Dosage vary depending on customer preferences


  • Easily operated with minimal training.
  • No chemicals to store and handle.
  • Simple manual timer to set disinfection time.
  • The Flash Tunnel has viewing ports to ensure proper functionality.


  • The UV-C bulbs are shielded by the metal enclosure which blocks UV-C wavelengths from passing through.
  • Emergency stop buttons in addition to traditional start/stop switch


Interior Size: Customizable

Overall Dimensions: Customizable

Power:  Approximately 115 VAC, 15 Amps