The Torch-Aire Disinfection Tower is an inexpensive, easily transportable, powerful disinfection system designed for use in any healthcare, laboratory, or research setting. It is used to provide a rapid and highly effective method to disinfect the room air of hazardous organisms.   Since the bulbs are shielded, the Torch-Aire is able to operate continuously, quietly, and effectively.

The Torch-Aire contains two high powered UV-C lamps to provide quick disinfection times.  It simply plugs into any wall outlet. Each Torch-Aire produces an efficient UV-C output to get a calculated 99.99% reduction of viruses and bacteria.


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  • Typical uses include Operating Rooms, patient waiting rooms, examination rooms, and other areas that have a high throughput of patients.
  • Two high output UV-C bulbs are utilized to get optimal intensity, balanced with power usage, for efficient kill.
  • The UV-C lamps are positioned to be within an inch of the farthest point from the airflow to deliver a very intense dosage to any airborne organisms.
  • Quartz glass is used for the UV lamps as it blocks less UV-C light than plain glass tubes, maximizing the actual output for the same wattage bulbs. Quartz glass also has increased strength to reduce chances of bulb breakage.
  • Low pressure lamps are utilized since they produce virtually all of their output as UV-C light.
  • UV output was designed to obtain greater than 99.9% reduction of typical viruses and bacteria by providing a 13.8 mJ/cm2 dosage.
  • A flow rate of 8 CFM was designed to minimize noise and minimize stirring up settled organisms while still producing enough air exchanges to completely treat all of the air in a typical 2000 cubic feet room in 8 hours.


  • Quartz glass is used for the UV lamps as it extends the bulb life by providing a better seal of the internal gasses.
  • Low ozone production. The type of fused quartz used to make the body of the germicidal lamp determines the emission of the wavelength of the UV energy. Low ozone generating lamps transmit up to 90% of their energy at the 254nm wavelength and typically utilize a doped fused quartz that blocks the emission of 185nm energy.
  • Solid state premium ballasts are used as they extend the bulb life by reducing the shock to the lamps when power is first turned on.
  • Combined benefits of the UV lamps and ballasts extend the rated life of the lamps to over 16,000 hours.
  • Replacement UV-C lamps are much less expensive than lamps from other manufacturers.
  • Running 24 hours per day uses 3.84 kw-hours (kWh) of energy. At an average cost of 8 cents per kWh, the cost of operation is 31 cents per day.
  • No special lamp recycling required.

 Easy to Operate:

  • Easily operated with minimal training.
  • No special room preparation is required.
  • No chemicals to store and handle.

Safe to Operate:

  • The Torch-Aire UV Disinfection System is completely enclosed in a stainless steel body which prevents inadvertent exposure to UV.
  • The stainless steel body helps protect the lamps from accidental breakage due to bumping hazards.


Dimensions: 70” H x 12” D x 12” W (177cm H x 31cm D x 31cm W)

Power: 110-240 VAC, 2Amps, 50/60 HZ

Weight: 23 lbs (11 kg)

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Lamps: quantity 2, 4-pin, low pressure, UVC Germicidal, low ozone, 16,000 hour rated life.
  • Power cable: 15 feet, hospital grade
  • Intensity of approximately 4600 µw/cm2 at a 2 inch distance from the bulbs.
  • Flow rate of 8 CFM.