The Torch+

The Torch+ UV Disinfection System is a high-end, highly effective UV Disinfection System for rooms.  The Torch+ offers many of the same features as other high-end UV Systems at a more affordable cost. The Torch+ is a portable, high efficiency device that is designed for reliable daily use to reduce organisms at your facility with no yearly service contract required.

The Torch+ provides the same quality results as the Torch, along with offering excellent process control with a built-in UV-C sensor and an iPad™ for remote control and data logging. Treatment costs under a dollar and low lamp costs further enhance the affordability.

The Torch+ contains eight high powered UV-C lamps to provide quick disinfection times. It simply plugs into any wall outlet. The Torch+ produces an efficient UV-C output of 10.8 mJ/min (180 µw /cm2) to get a calculated 99% reduction of MRSA in one minute at a 10 feet and Clostridium difficile spores in 5 minutes at a 10 feet.

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  • The Torch+ utilizes 8 high-output UV-C bulbs to achieve efficient, fast disinfection times. UV-C output was designed to obtain a greater than 99% reduction of typical viruses and bacteria in a 1 minute timeframe and on spores like C-diff in 5 minutes at a distance of 10 feet.
  • The center of the Torch+ is open so that each of the 8 UV-C bulbs can radiate its light 360 degrees.
  • The UV-C bulbs are angled to increase the dosage applied to the ceiling. Ceilings do not receive the same level of cleaning that floors get, so angling the bulbs allows the room to get a more complete disinfection.
  • An integrated UV intensity sensor monitors both the intensity and overall UV-C dosage.


The Torch+ is designed to be the lowest cost, high-output UV generator available.

  • The Torch+ is priced much lower than similar UV-C Room Disinfection Systems.
  • There are no required service or maintenance contracts with the Torch.
  • The Torch+ has an average operational cost of 5¢ per hour of use.
  • Premium solid state ballasts and quartz glass bulbs are used, which helps to extend the useable life of the UV-C bulbs to over 16,000 hours and reduce operational costs.
  • In addition to their long lifespan, replacement UV-C bulbs are much less expensive than bulbs from other manufacturers to further reduce operational costs.

Ease of Use:

  • The Torch+ is operated via iPad™ for control and monitoring from any location.
  • Data from the iPad™ is stored on USB for record keeping.
  • UV-C Sensor logs and trends exposure data, room number, and user information.
  • The Torch+ draws only 6 amps of power, allowing it to be plugged into any outlet.
  • Easily operated with minimal training.
  • No special room preparation is required.
  • No chemicals to store and handle.


  • 4 motion sensors to abort the UV exposure if motion is sensed in room.
  • Each Torch+ comes with an iPad™ such that it can be started from outside the room to further enhance the safety of the user.
  • Each Torch tower has an emergency stop button to inhibit a cycle or abort the process if pressed if the process is started while someone is still in the room.
  • No disposal of chemicals or clean up required after use.
  • No special lamp recycling required.
  • The bulbs used in the Torch+ are no Ozone emitting bulbs, similar to traditional overhead bulbs.
  • The Torch+ UV Disinfection System must be manually reset if safety device is tripped. This prevents inadvertent restart of UV exposure as a further safety precaution.
  • Bulbs are coated with Teflon for strengthening as well as containing glass shards if accidentally broken.


Dimensions: 68” H x 23” D x 23” W (1727mm H x 584mm D x 584mm W)

Power: 110-240 VAC, 6 Amps, 50/60 HZ

Weight: 71 lbs (32 kg)

  • Lamps are rated 16,000 hours.
  • Lamp type: 4-pin, low pressure, UVC Germicidal, low ozone
  • Lamp quantity:  8
  • Power cable: 15 feet, hospital grade
  • Produces an intensity of approximately 180 µw/cm2 at 10 feet distance for a dosage of 10.8 mJ per minute

The Torch+ Operational Video